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Premier LogiTech, ("Premier") is positioned as a platform to become the largest services & solutions for logistics & technology provider in the United States.  Premier continues to grow organically and plans to have 100% growth in 48 months.  Premier will continue to strategically build capabilities to augment current customer needs or industry-leading solutions.  Premier is currently working on deepening capabilities in areas that support recurring revenue streams.  These include areas within mobile device repair, managed services, and transportation services. Premier is also continuing to invest in software enablement to automate processes and streamline operations.  The company is currently evaluating expansion locations and space alternatives for its new contracts and continued growth. 

Premier’s focus will continue to be on growth in areas of core technical expertise.  We believe other “fulfillment” business and standard 3PL opportunities are easy to tuck into the complex customer base Premier currently manages. 

Premier opened in 2007 in response to a void in the technology industry where most providers did not offer completely customized end-to-end technology solutions. That model was costing customers a tremendous amount of precious time and money spent sourcing multiple providers with varying processes and inconsistent levels of quality.


And, though many technology companies promise to deliver solutions, few are willing to customize their programs to match your individual needs. From products to delivery, support or reporting, we work to meet your requirements.


At Premier, we don’t walk away after the implementation of your services is complete. We believe in servicing your business as an ongoing partner, able to rapidly respond to shifting technology needs and issues that may arise.


Why do we do all of this? It’s simple – you.

We firmly believe that your business is a privilege, and our high customer satisfaction scores reflect that.


Premier began as a startup in the electronics space, landing one customer.  Today, the company is on target to grow 70 X its first year’s revenue.  With a CAGR “off the chart” from day one, the company is now a complete logistics services company with outstanding technology and management.   The history is as follows:

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