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At Premier, we have a combined 380,000 square feet under operations of secure and temperature-controlled warehousing for all your storage needs.  Our state-of-the-art warehouse facility is expertly-tracked and serviced with guide-by-wire lifts and systems.  This ensures that your product safety is as strong as our employee safety. 

Each item in our warehouse has asset management tags and can be retrieved and resources in a matter of minutes.

With access to over 100 warehouses, Premier has global reach to meet your growth needs.

380,000 Combined Square Feet of Secure Asset Storage



At Premier, we have constructed the state of the art warehousing facility for our customers. From inbound to outbound, our teams use fly-by-wire lifts to securely manage your project safely.

  • Receiving of serialized and lot-level components

  • Highly-secure storage of all customers

  • Complete asset tracking for movement within the warehouse

  • Consolidation of components and parts

  • Staging orders

  • Secure shipping

  • FIFO and date code management

  • Climate control available



We process more than 10M items a year at Premier.  So tracking and monitoring parts, technology systems and accessories are key. Below are some of our processes.​

  • Asset tracking at the component level

  • Asset tagging to customer specifications

  • Bin stratification throughout the lifecycle of the product

  • Load the part and track with a world-class warehouse  management system (WMS)

  • Configure and track systems within customers' asset management (ability to link systems) tools

  • Including IT ticket and tracking systems such as Service Now software

  • Warehousing and Fulfillment — We provide our customers with secured, safe and climate-controlled storage. We are able to pick, pack and deliver customer inventory using truckload, LTL or parcel shipping. All items are tracked using our inventory management system.



​Working with state, federal, healthcare, and others, it's important to ensure security for our products that come in and the final delivery to our customers. 

  • TAPA Level A Certified

  • NIST800-171

  • SOC2 certified

  • Segregated client areas

  • Security personnel

  • 24/7 security systems

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