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Director of Mobile Solutions and Services

PRODUCT SUPPORT SERVICES INC. (PREMIER) specializes in electronics repair and refurbishment to help manufacturers, technology users, service providers, retailers, and logistics professionals reduce operating costs and eliminate high levels of waste by extending the useful life of products. Our advanced manufacturing methods provide fast, reliable repair services for a variety of electronics, including wireless, transportation, wireline, telematics, telemetry, consumer, communication, telecom, and security equipment. We pride ourselves on delivering cost-effective and green returns management solutions.

Whether you need a comprehensive reverse logistics solution or a specialized service line, we'll customize your program to meet your specific needs and budget.

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Whether you are an OEM, Big Box Retailer, Wholesale, Network Carrier, Secondary Market or end-user, Premier's Reverse Team has a proven system for all your needs. Specializing in Recall, Special Project, ECN, EWP, EOL, BRE, DOA, I/W & O/W Returns, Parts & Repair, Refurbishment, Kitting & Fulfillment, Parts Reclamation, SUR, Call Center, and R Stock Sales.




PRC - Returns Management Process

  • We accept individual and bulk returns, auditing each return against the expectations detailed in the returned material authorization (RMA).

  • Returns are processed promptly to meet the specified turn times and tracked from end-to-end in the PSS.Net work-in-progress (WIP) system.

  • For clients that wish to reduce customer turn-times to same-day received (or less), PSSI can manage a product replacement inventory pool to expedite replacement shipments to coincide with RMA notification, RMA receipt or other trigger criteria used to determine when replacement products are shipped.

  • Once the customer's product is repaired by PSSI, it can be used to replenish the inventory pool or it can be shipped out to meet other fulfillment needs.


Refurbishing, Remanufacturing, Re-Kitting and Shipment

Return valuable products
to the supply chain


The final stage of the repair and product triage process is to clean, test and repackage product commensurate to its designation (A, B, C, As-Is or Scrap). Premier utilizes OEM and white box packaging, re-kitting the item with software, accessories, manuals, and instructions to your specifications. If costs are a concern, we can ship completed product in bulk or offer to package, store and ship to individual locations.


Depot Repair

Extend the lifecycle
of electronic products


With failure rates averaging 6% per year, extending the lifecycle of electronic products requires the application of effective and economical repair solutions. Utilizing our service industry experience, an extensive supply chain, our knowledge of the secondary market and our technical expertise, we craft customized repair solutions for our clients.

Executing more than 5,000 repairs every day, PSSI understands how to accomplish these repair objectives. PSSI technicians deliver yield percentages on defective products at levels exceeding industry standards, performing Level 1, 2 and 3 repair services on a wide variety of electronic products.

We work in concert with the industry's leading service providers and OEMs to deliver world-class electronics testing, supply and service support.


Configuration, Advanced Exchange

Customize software load and eliminate legal liabilities

  • Premier provides refurbishing services that produce A, B or C stock to use for warranty replacement, or for resale into secondary markets. Our processes are customized to meet your specific needs and channel restrictions.

  • Refurbishing electronic devices include the removal of the previous owners' personal information and restoring the original software and factory settings, a critical step necessary to protect against costly legal liabilities. Companies requiring customized product configuration, staging and software installation use Premier to manage this process.

  • Servicing product throughout the lifecycle, Premier also offers advanced product replacement and inventory pool management services.



Optimize recovery,
reduce costs


All NTF products are immediately replaced into your product pool to minimize NTF/OEM charge backs, restocking fees and credit rejections if any. Premier will then pick, pack and ship RTV products to the OEM, tracking it through delivery and providing documentation to support all claims for restitution.

For clients wishing to stage inventory for additional repair action, Premier will evaluate product condition and triage the products through our ‘R&D’ process based on optimized recovery designations of Class A, B, C, "As-Is" or Scrap as well as repair level 1,2,3.

  • "A" stock is remanufactured, unused or "like new" in original OEM packaging and sold with the manufacturer's warranty.

  • "B" stock is White Box product, used but refurbished and fully functional, it is certified to meet the OEM's specifications. It is sold with Factory Recertified designation and typically a reduced warranty of 90 days.

  • "C" stock is Brown Box product, "tested good" and either cosmetically blemished or missing accessories.

  • "As-Is" is as described, for either test or economic reasons additional repair or remanufacturing efforts were deemed unwarranted. Commonly, this product is used as a source for service parts through parts harvesting and used to offset repair costs or sold into the service channel for supply.

  • "Scrap" is material designated for salvage. Parts harvesting is generally performed when certain electronic or cosmetic parts might be useful in reducing the costs on other repairs.


Product Remarketing, Reclaim and Recycle, Value Recovery

Maximize value recovery,
recover working capital


Converting inventory into dollars while respecting product branding concerns takes a deft resale approach coupled with extensive knowledge of the secondary market. To maximize value recovery and recover working capital, Premier specializes in quick and confidential remarketing.

We work with a unique set of remarketing partners to implement a resale plan for your products respecting both channel and account restrictions. Goods can be sold domestically, offshore or both. In an effort to minimize loss and recover working capital, customers often enlist Premier to implement an asset recovery program for defective or obsolete products. Premier has many liquidation and parts channel partners that can assist in getting the maximum recovery for our clients.

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