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We configure thousands of systems each month for our customers.  From asset tagging, laser engraving, configuration, imaging and Chromebook enrollment within our facility to delivering, deploying and staff augmentation at your site, we are here to make your life easier.  We are responsive, flexible and ready to take on your next project.


These services take time which your organization may not have. Our goal is to support your organization by providing innovative solutions to your complex challenges, streamlining your operations and allowing you to focus on your core business.  Configuring your new technology is important, but it is also time-consuming.  You should be able to use your equipment when it arrives are your location(s), not start the configuration process.  Our configuration teams have extensive knowledge and expertise in performing these services.  Over the years our teams have streamlined our processes to make them as cost-effective as possible for you.

Premier Confriguration Services




We can load your most current image on all your systems in our configuration center prior to the systems arriving at your location(s).  We can use your “static” image or we can connect to your SCCM or another imaging server via a secure VPN connection.  With a secure VPN connection, we are able to customize the imaging process by enabling pre- and/or post-imaging tasks such as renaming the computer, joining your domain or loading additional software.

  • Imaging to mimic your environment

  • Connected configuration

  • Google enrollment



We can print and apply our standard asset tags, your asset tags or we can work with you to create a customized asset tag.  We will capture the asset tag and associate system serial number and provide this information to you in an asset report, by ship-to location.

  • Tamper proofing

  • RFID

  • Customer-specific



Your infrastructure equipment (servers, storage, switches, etc.) is the backbone of your organization, but receiving all this equipment and installing it into racks can be a burden.  Our technicians are here to assist and lessen this burden.  We will perform the following services prior to delivering your fully configured rack to your location:

  • Receive and consolidate all equipment

  • Unbox and inspect for damage

  • Power up of equipment to make sure all equipment is functioning

  • Install equipment into racks according to approved rack diagram

  • Provide and install power cables

  • Provide and install network cables

  • Labeling of cables (if required)

  • Asset tagging

  • Quality assurance inspection

  • Crating of racks for delivery

  • Customized delivery date

  • Crating with ready deploy ramps

We can also provide customized services to meet any special requirements you may have so that you receive your equipment ready to be installed in your environment when it arrives at your location(s).



If you need your systems upgraded prior to delivery, we can install the components in our facility.  This includes the installation of memory, NIC cards, video cards, hard drives and many other components.

  • Software

  • Burn-in testing

  • Scripting 



We will provision your newly purchased Chromebooks prior to them arriving at your location(s).  With this service we will make sure your systems are functioning, update to the latest Chrome OS, enroll the devices into your management console and configure your Wi-Fi settings.

Chromebook Cart.jpg


If you are purchasing carts for your new notebooks or Chromebooks, we can make sure they are cabled and ready to go when they arrive at your location(s).  We will unbox the carts and inspect them for damage. 

Our technicians will then use the power adapters from your notebooks or Chromebooks and perform the cabling so your staff does not have to worry about this when they are delivered.



We can engrave your logo and other important information onto your laptop, Chromebook and other equipment.  Some of the information we have engraved on devices has been “Property of” information, help desk phone numbers and asset tag numbers.  High-value products such as:

  • IT faceprint

  • Return cards

  • High-value products

  • Laptops

  • Desktops

  • Tablets

  • Tools

  • Server Blades

  • More

SC17 BIOS.jpg


We realize that you may have custom BIOS settings for your environment.  We can update these settings in our configuration center prior to shipping the systems to your location(s).

custom packaging.png


We can provide you with many options to get your newly purchased equipment to you in the manner in which you need to receive it.  This includes kitting, overpacking, palletizing to your requirements, multi-packing your notebooks or Chromebooks, inserting instructions or welcome letters or applying custom labels to the boxes.



If you are purchasing a large number of systems but will not be able to receive all of the equipment at one time, we can provide extended warehousing for you.  We will work with you to put together a delivery schedule so you receive the equipment you need, when you need it.

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